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Transhumance in Bulgaria

Although the Transhumance is of high importance for the maintenance of grassland habitats and culture conservation, the annual migration of stock from high pasture to low pasture and back has almost disappeared in Bulgaria.
That’s the reason why FWFF-Bulgaria (Fund of the Wild Fauna and Flora) in partnership with RebelFarmer decided to support the rehabilitation of one of the ancient Bulgarian transhumance route.

Join a shepherd family from the 11th-18th October as they take a couple of days to move the stock of sheep between their summer base in the Central Balkan National Park, through the town of Kotel down to the Turkish border in Strandzha.

§ Walking with the sheep over the slopes of the Stara Planina Mountains (about 1100m) to the lower Strandzha Mountains (300m) at the coast bordering Turkey.
§ With an experienced shepherd family and Bulgarian volunteers to translate
§ Protective Karakachan dogs
§ Luggage carried by horses
§ Lodging in tents and accommodation
§ Mini-transhumance village festival at the end of the tour
§ Return transport organised from the Strandzha area to Burgas

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date: 11.09.2008,
source: ECEAT

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