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Cycling conference 2021

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The Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism invites interested stakeholders and experts to share their experience, difficulties encountered and possible solutions for building cycling tourist routes in Bulgaria.

The conference will present the practice of the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure for the development of cycling policy and the cycling network in Slovenia. Following the good example, the Union of Urban Planners in Bulgaria will share with the participants a methodology for planning a national bicycle network in Bulgaria. How these practices are implemented in our country, the participants will discuss with the hosts from BAAT.

The event will be held online on September 29, 2021 from 10.00 am with working languages ​​Bulgarian and English. The conference is aimed at specialists in spatial planning, tourism, sports and others. municipal specialists, organizations of the municipalities in Bulgaria, as well as non-governmental organizations interested in the development of bicycle tourism and bicycle transport. You can apply for participation and register for the event at by following the link: After registration you will receive a link to join the ZOOM platform.

Planning and development of a national bicycle network in Slovenia. Responsibilities and tasks of a cycling team in the national government. Gregor Steklačić, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Directorate, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia

Methodology for planning a national bicycle network in Bulgaria - challenges and first steps, Vasil Madzhirski, Union of Urbanists in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian experience - cycling infrastructure between settlements in Bulgaria, Kiril Kaloyanov, Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism

Challenges in the practice of municipalities - discussion