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International online survey on Rural Tourism

The First International Survey on Rural Tourism started in June. The survey will gather important information about the customer needs and expectations. The survey is organized by EuroGites, Regional Government of Andalusia and European Travel Commission. The scientific evaluation under strict undisclosure criteria will be done by the University of Almería.

The survey will obtain data regarding structure and expectations of clients about rural tourism from two different points of view (distributed 50/50):
* domestic demand ("what do you expect from a rural holiday in your own country")
* international demand ("what do you expect when taking a rural holiday in a foreign country")

Thus, the results not only give an aggregated overview of international demand preferences, but also provide insight into national patterns. The more surveys we receive, the more attractive and complete will be final results for all the Rural Tourism Community.

You can participate in the survey at

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source: BAAT

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