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B&B Guidebook of Bulgaria

Пътеводител / Guidebook 2009We are proud to present you the BAAT's fifth edition of "B&B and Adventure Guidebook". Over 250 colourful pages of original text and photographs where the focus is on friendly and unique accommodations all around Bulgaria! In this guidebook, there are 105 carefully selected addresses with accompanying road maps, and many suggestions for your leisure time. Set your own pace for exciting activities like with horseback riding, paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking, wildlife watching and hiking. The guidebook presents a selection of locations to experience local wine and gourmet traditions, as well as organic farming, folklore and traditional crafts workshops. A wonderful way to discover Bulgaria!.

This Bilingual edition is made for being in help when planning your vacancy or business trip.

"This guidebook is for those who want to escape the trampled paths and find the Other Bulgaria!"

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