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Malka snimka na LuboLubomir Popiordanovloves adventures. Graduated as a lawyer, in 1990 he founded the tourist agency “Odysseia-In”, and later – “Zig - Zag Holidays”. He is one of the founders of the Bulgarian association of alternative tourism and is its present chairman. He has traveled and climbed in more than 20 countries. He had exhibitions of his own paintings, photos and is the author of the book “A feeling of a mountain”; produced films and organized many info tours for journalists. Married with three children, Lubo dreams to see Bulgaria as the most preferable and expensive village in Europe. Constantly, he became a PR of Bulgaria and wishes its mountains and green areas to find their well-deserved and powerful lobby in the civil society, among investors and politicians.

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Снимка на Кико-малкаKiril Kaloyanov dreams for traveling around the world - feeling the nature, learning interesting stories and trying to understand the complicated world that surrounds us. He loves the small roads, the cozy villages and the high mountains. He chose photography as his art and hang-gliding as his sport. Bachelor in Geography and tourism at Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski" and Master in Ethnology and cultural anthropology. Kiril quickly oriented himself towards the special interests tourism, where people do not look only for a rest, but for emotional experience and mental equilibrium. Recognizing more of his own philosophy in BAAT’s mission, he has been working for the association, since 2007. He practices as a professional mountain guide.



Eleonora Yosifova likes adventures and dreams to travel all around unknown places and find interesting people and customs. The travelling and the art are her inspiration in life and she is trying to explore the world and find her place on the Earth. In love with Bulgaria, Eleonora had found her real mate, in the face of BAAT, for saving the nature and the traditions in the country. It’s her last year in Sofia University - Bachelor of Tourism. In the beginning of 2008 Eleonora has begun to work in the Association and thinks that she has found her place.