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Unique Offer for Sustainable LIVING in the Strandzja Natural Park

The population of the architectural protected heritage village of Brushlan in the Strandzja Natural Park has offered to support a new generation to settle in their village.

A new generation should collaborate with the original population in making the region stronger in sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism. The pretty aged villagers, at the moment practically all working in tourism, need local products to serve and sell to tourists to keep their village authentic. Also they need advise and help on ecological building methods and how to combine it with the obligatory traditional architecture. They decided this by consensus in a large village meeting last summer.

Now, the project MyCoast ( ) has taken up this challenge and will organise a round table process on this matter in the course of 2008. This project should prepare an integrated coastal management plan, commissioned by several Bulgarian ministries.

Other local support has been offered. The majors of the villages Malko Tarnovo and Tsarevo are prepared to rent out communal grazing lands, currently not used, to support farmers willing to start ecological farming and shepherding. The Natural Park of Strandzja supports the marketing of local ecological (tourism) products and is in the course of establishing a Strandzja Quality brand for it. Finally, a study is being performed that should show the demand for these products in the tourism sector at the Black Sea coast. Ultimately, a more diversified tourism offer and widely available regional food products will contribute greatly to the quality of the coastal destination that is so badly needed at this moment.

Please register for the mailing list, and you will be informed on the progress of the Round Table and be invited for the very informative meetings and workshops.

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