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3rd European Congress on Rural Tourism

After the two successful events in 2003 and 2005 the Third European Congress on Rural Tourism will take place in Eger, Hungary from 26 to 28 September. This year's Congress will focus on the following aspects:

• Rural Tourism between romanticism and commerce
• New trends of leisure demand
• Rural Tourism and Nature Environment
• Competitiveness of Rural Tourism – how to improve?

A discussion on the interaction between the Rural Community and Tourism will take place. How tourism can help the local people, what are the problems and are there any places where answers have been found.

At the congress the data from the First Customer Survey for Rural Tourism will appear and the first analyses will be made. The participants will discuss new trends in demand and their implication for Rural Tourism. The touroperators will present their point of view.

Attention will be paid to nature conservation as well. The main topic will be the importance of the Eco network NATURA 2000 to Rural and Ecotourism.

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